Indoor Gardening - Future is here!

Indoor Gardening - Future is here!

Indoor Gardening - Future is here!

Why Indoor Farming?

As a Canadian-based company, we know what it is like to have long winters and very limited time in the summer for gardening and fresh produce. Once the summer ends, we all enter the state of emotional low of watching our garden slowly die away for the season. You now have to establish new hobbies and other activities to do in order to fill the void. Food does not taste as good anymore. No more smell of a fresh garden. Back to buying what may look like fresh produce but was picked many months ago and sent to you from other parts of the world. Food looks the same but no longer tastes and smells the same.

Fear Not my friends. 


Indoor Farming is your gateway to continue with the fresh greens and maintain your gardening lifestyle. Food can continue to taste and smell as good as it should. Furthermore, what's more rejuvenating than waking up to a fresh aroma of herbs on your kitchen counter. Not a whole lot, eh!

Now, there is some stigma around indoor gardening.

Mold: If I grow inside my home, I will have mold appear all around my house.

  • You need 60% relative humidity or higher to cause mold in your home. At its peak water usage, a Nullam Farm (the largest unit we offer), will use a pitcher of water mixed with nutrients on a monthly basis. In almost all homes, that will not cause mold as it is much less water than your average fish tank. You will be okay unless you live in a tent. In which case, we recommend opening the windows (or doors if your tent does not have windows). However, It is important to note that you do not want to water your indoor plants as often as you would with outdoor plants. Herbs and most vegetables are always looking for that wet-dry cycle of their grow medium to allow the roots to breath. This is why we have a tub where the water-nutrient can sit and the roots of the tray will access the water from the access points left underneath the tray. This way, you will never have to water from the top and potentially make a mess in your home.

Flies: I do not want to get flies all over my home

  • This is a fair reason for you to not want to grow at home. Flies are there because of soil. If you grow with soil, this will always be a potential problem. Hydroponics cuts through this problem for the most part as the grow medium no longer has the properties of soil. We offer pre-seeded trays in both hydroponic and soil options for our customers. This allows you to make the conscious decision of what you grow your food in.

What are you waiting for?


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