How to Use

Setting up your Nullam

Don't have a green thumb, haven't gardened before or need some guidance? We are here to help!

Here are some simple step by step instructions and all you need to know about using your nuGarden.

  1. Carefully take the nuGarden out from the box and plug in the cord system.
  2. Next, you will need to set your timer for an ideal summer day of growing! Instructions on how to set up are explained below.
  3. Last but not least, unpack your pre-seeded trays and make sure to read the instructions on the individual packaging regarding the specific crop.
  4. Place the trays in the tub of the nuGarden. Then plug it in and get ready to enjoy growing all year round!


The tub underneath the trays is where you will pour water or the nutrient solution in. The plants will wick up the water as needed from the bottom. All plants require a dry and moist cycle during their growth. (Roots need oxygen just like we do)

When watering, make sure the water level is no higher than ¼” above the bottom of the tray. As with all plants, test how damp the soil is by sticking your finger in the dirt. Water your plants when the top ½” of soil is dry.


Our Nutrient Packs are to be mixed in 1-2L of water. Mix the nutrients in with 2L at the start. As your plants grow larger, you will need a more concentrated mix of 1L.

The plants do not require any nutrients until 30 days after seeding. Once you have reached 30 days, rotate biweekly between your nutrient solution and regular water.


All Nullam products are equipped with a timer switch. For automating your lighting system, please set the main switch to TIMER. The inside of the timer highlights the AM and PM in white and orange colours. Take a look at the current time and rotate the timer until it lines up with the time it currently is. Once you have the current time set, pull up the switches that represent the times of day you would like the lights to be off. Example: Light ON from 7 AM to 7 PM would mean 7 PM to 7 AM would be pulled up.

Note: Most vegetables will need 16-18 hours of daylight and 6-8 hours of dark for full growth.


Seeds require an average temperature of 21 C or 70 F to germinate. We recommend covering the seedlings with a damp cloth to create a microenvironment for the seeds to germinate.

Once the germination has occurred, remove the cover and the plants will adjust to its surrounding temperatures. However, as we will specify on our tray packaging, some plants will thrive on higher temperatures compared to others.