Nullam & Education

The easiest way to teach a student science is through them watching plants grow in front of their eyes. The challenge is that you only currently can do that with Natural Light. Usually, a teacher's desk is where the natural light is. This causes a high demand for real estate with Natural light to perform plant related experiments.

Foods classes? Looking to grow some herbs fresh in the classroom? Let us help you!

Enter the Nullam Farm.

Mobile, Standalone, and Automated Indoor Farm made for growing indoors at any place in the classroom. Its light weight allows it to be placed anywhere in the classroom and away from any potential harm to and from the students.

We will customize product capabilities, features, and pricing for Educational Institutions. We want to be part of our future food sources becoming more sustainable and healthy. This is our great opportunity to get involved with Schools and create a legacy about what we look to accomplish in the indoor farming community.

For Orders regarding any Educational Institution, please contact us at: or phone: 1-204-899-9425