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nuGarden mini


  • Automated LED lighting system (5 W)
  • Passive Irrigation System
  • Flexible grow system with hydroponic and soil capabilities.
  • Grow space of a standard 5"x10" tray. Product footprint of 7.5"x16.5"
  • Countertop unit build for small scale apartment operations and meant for the kitchen. You can start and grow your herbs to full size in the nuGarden mini.
  • Pre-assembled and ready to go upon arrival
  • Upon first purchase, the nuGarden mini will include preseeded tray with crop of your choice and nutrient packs. You get 2 choices from our dropdown menu. You may specify how crowded you would want the tray to be by specifying the size of the plants.
  • All operational instructions will be enclosed in package
  • Minimal maintenance and Maximized gardening fun